Photo gallery: Salone Satellite 2014, Milan

The biggest furniture fair in the world, organised in Milan, has a parallel event, smaller but much more fresh and bald. The most promising designers from around the world gathered last week in the Italian city to Salone Satellite 2014. These are some of the best works we’ve seen there.

“Axteroid” has a shape that makes it usable both as a ceiling lamp or as a floor lamp with five focused light points. By 201 Design Studio.

You’re a Transformers fan and you need a table and a bench but have place only for one of them? The fn:two from Tepfenhart Design is your thing.

It’s not quite a lamp, it’s an idea of a lamp. By projecting a ray of light in the form of a lamp contour. Pure and created in Japan.

Dip your foot in it and you have your custom made shoes. Satsuki Ohata only needs to find a different material. The PVC used now needs a 200 °C temperature to melt.
By using moving sensors inside a modular shape, the creators of LedWork made a lighting device that changes its colour when shaken.
aust amelung
A lamp in all its grace by Aust&Amelung.
eunmyung soh
Korean artist EunMyung Soh presented a practical closet with coloured elastic bands instead of doors.

Inspired by the old spanish candle lantern, liquenLAV lamp becomes the centrepiece of any room.

Urban gardeners, this is for you. The artist Tsukasa Goto designed a system to grow strawberries without the danger of having the fruits rotten on the humid ground.

With a mixture of clay and chamotte, artist Ruxi Sacalis made 4 objects to store food or liquids that won her a special mention from the Milan jury.