iPhone Music Concert

An intrusive species, these iPhones. Though second nature to many of us, an increasing number of voices condemn them out loud. The latest in a long line of people upset by annoying pocket technology are the brits of Iron Maiden.
A fetish for technology seems to be the “it” disease of the day, going by American psychiatrists trying to include internet addiction on the list of mental illnesses. And yet, we could hardly imagine life without the permanent connection and accessibility that smartphones bring. Attempts to establish netiquette, tech-tiquette and other such elevated social norms are, and for a long time yet will be, doomed to failure. Since these rules remain unwritten, the number of conflicts between supporters and opposers of multi-functional phones increases.
Iron Maiden are only the latest to get annoyed by cell phone users that can’t help using them anytime and anywhere. Lead singer Bruce Dickinson lashed out at a concert-goer in Indianapolis, in front of everyone in the audience. “Ah, for fuck’s sake, the guy with the bald head and the white shirt, you’ve been texting for the last fucking three songs. You’re a wanker!”, Dickinson told the continuously-texting fan.

{citat:dreapta:”You’ve been texting for the last fucking three songs. You’re a wanker!” – Bruce Dickinson, Iron Maiden}
Iron Maiden’s lead singer’s reaction didn’t garner any critiques from the public, the way it happened when rapper Mc Chris decided to scold one of his fans. The latter had personally confronted the artist, via a tweet picking apart a poor live performance. The rapper considered that the best revenge would be to ask security to escort the villain out. But the scandal moved on to Reddit, where the artist was reprimanded until he eventually had to apologize.
Another clash between cell phone owning concert-goers and the artists on stage took place in a rather higher-elevated location, at a classical music recital. Earlier this year, the New York Philharmonic stopped performing when a cell phone rang out in the audience. Conductor Alan Gilbert only allowed the orchestra to proceed once the phone’s ringtone was turned off.
Others are, however, somewhat more radical! Silence …!
Editor’s note: a big thank you goes to Crina Caliman who managed to translate our not quite easy to translate romanian article.