Autumn Synaesthesia*

As the leaves fell silently in Cismigiu Park, a few creative geeks saw an opportunity to put on a concert, using Kinect sensors.

A few days ago, passers-by strolling through Bucharest’s Cișmigiu park were treated to a show, thanks to a few creative minds, a programmer and some high tech. A recital for leaves and orchestra, within the register of four Kinect sensors – which detected the falling of leaves and tracked their co-ordinates -, using an algorithm to associate a specific sound to each complete leaf-fall, and 15 loudspeakers.
{citat:dreapta:“We transformed the natural environment into something unexpected” – Georgia Gontz, Colorbitor}
“We transformed the natural environment into something unexpected”, Colorbitor’s Georgia Gontz told Das Cloud. Colorbitor is a multimedia studio that supported this project, a project made by several creative minds from Dezinterzis.
On this occasion, the guys from Dezinterzis were able to test the limits of the Kinect sensors, which were not well-adapted to the sunlight in Cismigiu park. Designed for the artificial light of a living-room, the sensors were unable to accurately detect all leaves in motion. “The Kinect throws tantrums in daylight”, Georgia Gontz explains. Experienced in building multimedia installations, she works with Kinects at Colorbitor, such as the installation in the Romanian pavilion at the 2012 Korean International Exhibition in Keosu.
Georgia is also the one to conclude the review: “When the wind blew harder, there were stronger reactions from the passers-by, but I don’t think they understood exactly what was going on.” Allegro ma non troppo.
*Synesthesia (plural synesthesiæ) – a spontaneous association of sensations of different origins.
Editor’s note: a big thank you goes to Crina Căliman who managed to translate our not quite easy to translate romanian article.